tags: intangible


Our/ARhug is an augmented reality mobile application that places hugs in the user’s environment. The 3D hug models are generated from photographs of hugs performed by volunteers from the artist’s social media network. By bringing online connections into physical contact, then abstracting them into digital objects, Our/ARhug examines the social limits of social media and data visualization.

Users can interact with the hugs in augmented reality and screen capture these moments to document third-generation connections. A provided hashtag encourages users to share the photos on social media, returning the hugs to their source.


For Our/ARhughug, an image shared on social media from the Our/ARhug app that featured a person embracing the 3D model was translated into a new 3D model, then placed in two digital environments: one completely abstract, and one which is an artist-produced rendering of the gallery in which the print hangs. The central print is a map of the physical and social-media connections between all participants in the project. Adhesive prints display QR codes that link to the app’s download page.